Welcome to the
Esperide "Digital Arts" Portal

The Esperide space plays the role of a gatekeeper: thanks to this little portal, one can find his path through most of our projects, which are loosely related to the theme of the digital arts, with often a technical point of view.

Video game programming is a too interesting subject
to be let in the hands of professionals!

Our projects

The core group is a gathering of those of our projects that deal directly with video games:

The wingmen group federates our more generic-purpose projects:

The foreseen additions to Esperide are:

One can check as well our FTP site, including LOANI's mirror archive repository.

Have also a look to our splendid Esperide T-shirts!

Finally, even if being wholly unrelated to digital arts, we nevertheless want to promote also NACCR, a crazy project that we are very fond of.