News from Esperide

2011, August 24, Wednesday
Preparing the addition of NACCR.
All websites regularly updated.
2009, December 19, Saturday
Planning to add a CMS for DARM, and maybe even for Esperide.
2009, September 5, Saturday
Updated some web content.
2008, December 12, Friday
Update of the Esperide website, we have created fun tee-shirts!
2005 to 2008
A lot of various activities, dealing mostly with the Ceylan and OSDL projects, and only a bit with CRI, our game-creation club.
2005, November 9
A small FTP mirror has been set up so that LOANI can always default to this server whenever for a tool the main server and its alternate download location are down.
2005, June 25
Still focusing on OSDL and Ceylan. Websites copied back to the new gateway.
2004, August 30
Last update before being put online.
2004, August 15
First real pages written.
2004, August 2 domain name bought and responding.

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